Ad Hoc Service

For residential customers, we provide ad hoc (one-time) service for:
• General Servicing
• Comprehensive Servicing

If you want the peace of mind, we have Contract Service to give you better service warranty coverage.

General Servicing
Ad hoc (one-time) general servicing of air-conditioning systems:

No. of Fan Coil Unit (FCU)
- up to 24K BTU/Hr each
Charges for Ad Hoc
General Servicing
1 unit S$52
2 units S$80
3 units S$118
4 units S$156
5 units S$185
6 units S$222
7 units and above Please Contact Us for special price
Only one All Best voucher can be redeemed for each FCU in any servicing

Scope of Work:
• Inspect and check normal operation of air-conditioning system before servicing, and highlight any problem #.
• Check and clean fan coil air filter media, decorative cover, drain pan, and clear drain pipe.
• Brush clean and vacuum fan coil and condensing unit heat exchanger fins.
• Check and clean condensing unit water tray if installed.
• Check compressor suction and discharge pressure.
• After servicing, check and ensure the system's normal operation.

Service Warranty:
• One month coverage for any problem related to the general servicing provided.

# Any problem found will be rectified upon request, and for any additional services requested, additional charges will apply as Comprehensive Service; separate warranty will apply based on the additional services provided.

Comprehensive Servicing Back to Top
Ad hoc (one-time) comprehensive servicing:

Types of Service Charges for Comprehensive Servicing
Non-Contract Contract
Chemical Wash per Fan Coil Unit up to 16K BTU/Hr S$120 S$110 *
Chemical Wash per Fan Coil Unit above 16K BTU/Hr S$180 & above
S$160 & above *
Normal Wash per Condensing Unit (apply degreaser & flush with water) S$60 S$50 *
Chemical Wash per Condensing Unit (without system shutdown & removal) S$120 S$110 *
Chemical Wash per Condensing Unit (with system shutdown & removal) S$280 S$260 *
Refrigerant R22 Top-up (charges depend on amount used) S$40~S$60 *
Refrigerant R410a Top-up (charges depend on amount used) S$100~S$150 *
Inspection (site-view) / Checking (inclusive of trouble-shooting) S$60 *
Repairs and Spare Parts Replacement Variable pending on labour & part(s)
* All Best vouchers are NOT applicable

Service Warranty:
• One month coverage for any problem related to the comprehensive servicing provided.
• Three months coverage for problems related to repairs and spare parts replacement.

Notes: Back to Top
• All charges listed are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and inclusive of transport charges and prevailing GST.
• A deposit may be collected prior to servicing, and final payment will be collected upon completion of servicing on site; cash or cheque payable to "All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd" is accepted.
• All Best vouchers cannot be used with any other promotion.
• For commercial and industrial customers, please contact our Head Office.
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