Contract Service

For residential customers, we offer maintenance service contracts to save you money and the assurance that any related problem will be attended early.

We have yearly contracts for general servicing of air-conditioning systems:

No. of Fan Coil Unit (FCU)
- up to 24K BTU/Hr each
Charges for General Servicing on Yearly Contract
2 times / year 3 times / year 4 times / year 6 times / year   12 times / year
1 unit S$80 S$114 S$140 S$192 S$360
2 units S$108 S$150 S$184 S$252 S$480
3 units S$156 S$225 S$276 S$378 S$684
4 units S$208 S$300 S$368 S$504 S$912
5 units S$260 S$375 S$460 S$630 S$1,080
6 units S$312 S$450 S$552 S$756 S$1,296
7 units and above Please Contact Us for special price
Contract service customers enjoy discounted rates for Comprehensive Servicing
All Best vouchers are NOT applicable for Contract Service

Scope of Work:
• Inspect and check normal operation of air-conditioning system before servicing, and highlight any problem #.
• Check and clean fan coil air filter media, decorative cover, drain pan, and clear drain pipe.
• Brush clean and vacuum fan coil and condensing unit heat exchanger fins.
• Check and clean condensing unit water tray if installed.
• Check compressor suction and discharge pressure.
• After servicing, check and ensure the system's normal operation.

Service Warranty:
• Any problem related to the general servicing provided will be fully covered during the contract period, and no charges will apply.

# Any problem found will be rectified upon request, and for any additional services requested, additional charges will apply as Comprehensive Service; separate warranty will apply based on the additional services provided.

• All charges listed are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and inclusive of transport charges and prevailing GST.
• A deposit may be collected prior to servicing, and final payment will be collected upon completion of servicing on site; cash or cheque payable to "All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd" is accepted.
• All Best vouchers cannot be used with any other promotion.
• For commercial and industrial customers, please contact our Head Office.
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